At P.P. Profiles we take health and safety, quality and our commitment to the environment extremely seriously. We believe such a commitment is the foundation for a sustainable, successful business. It is why we have invested so heavily in our current management systems.

Our philosophy

We are continually improving our activities in the QHSE department and commitment in time, people and finance will be at the heart of P.P. Profiles’ culture. Securing the trust of our partners and providing strong assurances for future clients is of paramount importance. We take pride in the quality of our service and customer feedback is fundamental to the development of our QHSE department.

Dedicated QHSE Department

We are continually striving to improve working conditions and produce first class product quality throughout the supply chain. We monitor the performance of all functions of the business, to make sure that all our operations are meeting our quality, health and safety and environmental standards. For example, we record and respond in real time to any customer complaints and develop corrective actions to reduce them.

Continual Improvement

Since its introduction in 2010, we have seen remarkable and continual improvement of QHSE-related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our aim is for continuous improvement in product quality and working environment for all stakeholders. For example, we have a customer complaints target of below one percent; which is significantly below manufacturing industry standards.

The endeavour for continued success

The QHSE department is now part of P.P. Profiles’ working culture. The department has grown in size at a rapid pace from one person to five over the last year, which underpins the importance of the QHSE department and its activities across P.P. Profiles.