Saw Cutting

Up to 8000 mm x 2500 mm x up to 150 mm thickness

A cost efficient solution with no metal deformation

Experienced saw cutting services

With the ability to cut up to 8000 mm x 2500 mm and up to 150 mm in thickness, our machines provide the perfect solution for your non-standard flat bar sizes. P.P. Profiles’s saw cutting service is the best choice for customers requiring a clean, square cut edge (outside of laser capabilities) at a more economical cost than water jet cutting.

Benefits of saw cutting

A band saw comprises a blade with teeth along one edge for cutting a variety of materials. The band typically sits on wheels rotating in the same plane, producing a uniform cutting action, and is an excellent option for stainless steel, duplexes, nickel alloys and aluminium. Because sawing creates straight edges there is no tapering, finishes are of a high quality, and even the most demanding tolerance can be met. In addition, band sawing is cost-effective and energy efficient.

Delivery times

Our dedicated fleet of vehicles can give you a premium delivery service throughout the UK and Ireland. We are renowned for our flexibility so please speak to us to discuss all the available options.