P.P. Plasmas high powered laser cutting machine


Processes & Checks

01 New Enquiry
02 Sales Estimation
03 CAD Development
04 Production Planning
05 Inspection & Packing
06 Customer Delivery


Analyse, understand and review capabilities so that we can meet all customer requirements successfully.

Sales Estimation

Fast, accurate and efficient quoting service, aided by over 20 years of developed automated technology and coupled with extensive staff training, both commercial and engineering.

CAD Development

Supported by extensive training and knowledge of the latest 2D & 3D CAD software packages. Coupled with highly trained CAD engineers, striving to deliver the best possible material yields.

Production Planning

Establish that all customer requirements can be either met or improved upon. This relates to: material conformance and robust traceability. All of the above is supported by an established supply chain, developed over the last 20 years.

Inspection & Packing

Numerous inspections throughout the processes including: material certification, dimensional checks and product conformance. In addition, our packaging methodology endeavours to provide a safe, secure delivery; in keeping with all our QHSE policies.

Customer Delivery

Secure & traceable deliveries, carried out by both external and internal transportation.