Deburring & Finishing Services


With most cutting processes a small degree of burr (a rough area or edge left after the cutting process) can occur. Deburring is critical because without this service part performance, reliability, and durability can be adversely affected.

At P.P. Profiles our aim is for full customer satisfaction so as a standard our deburring machine is used to clean the edges of parts and profiles.


  • Deburring your newly cut profiles ensures parts are more uniform and will fit together more effectively.
  • Edges will be safer and surfaces smoother, meaning surfaces are ready for secondary operations.
  • We eliminate the risk to staff of Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome by using deburring machines when we can, rather than hand deburring.
  • This service is offered as a standard, meaning time can be saved on secondary operations – resulting in great savings for our customers


Our widebelt machines, using both abrasive belts and brush heads, can produce a variety of finishes, from straight-line to a grain finish for more decorative purposes. Our finishing service is essential for preparing surfaces for secondary processes; and we are capable of finishing top and bottom faces of parts and profiles to a dull polish.